About a dozen years ago, my Methodist self married a Jewish man. Before we married, we made two decisions–one that seemed important at the time and another that seems significant only in hindsight. Any kids we had would be Jewish, and we would find a synagogue where I could be comfortable enough to be part of our family’s religious life.

Then the life we imagined became the life we have. That was three cross-country moves, memberships in four synagogues and one church, and one daughter ago.

This is my story about being the non-Jewish member of a Jewish family. It’s not about navigating a marriage between two people of different backgrounds, it’s not a parenting story, and it’s not a how-to manual. Lots of people have told those stories.

This is about me, about what I have found and lost along the way, and about what I struggle with as my own faith has been influenced, challenged, changed, and deepened by where I came from and where I am headed. It is also my ode to progressive faith traditions and life in a faith community.

This blog contains excerpts from a manuscript written over several years and describing different points in this journey. I hope you enjoy it.